Understanding low-energy spectroscopic features in high Tc cuprates in terms of spectral weights of a strongly correlated superconducting state

C. M. Ho (Tamkang University, Taiwan)


Our numerical study on spectral weights for adding and removing an electron of the Gutzwiller projected d-wave superconducting state of the t-J-type models on finite lattices are presented. We show that, in the uniform case, the product of weights is equal to the pairing amplitude squared, same as in the weakly coupled case. In addition, we derive a rigorous relation of spectral weight with doping in the electron doped system and obtain particle-hole asymmetry of the conductance-proportional quantity within the superconducting gap energy and, also, the anti-correlation between gap sizes and peak

heights observed in tunneling spectroscopy on high Tc cuprates. Results on the spectral weight transfer as the system turns from a strongly correlated

normal to superconducting state will also be discussed. 



C.-P. Chou, T.K. Lee and C.-M. Ho, cond-mat/0609720 [ICM 2006 invited proceedings paper].

C.-P. Chou, T.K. Lee and C.-M. Ho, Phys. Rev. B 94, 092503 (2006).