Kick-off Meeting of Indo-Japan Joint Research Project

gNovel Magnetic Oxide Nano-Materials Investigated by Spectroscopy and ab-initio Theoriesh


Sept 30, 13:10 - Oct 1, 12:00

Faculty of Science Building #4, Room 1320

Access to Univ. of Tokyo campus


September 30 (Tue)

13:10-13:50  Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka U)

gComputational nano-materials design for oxide-based spinodal nano-technologyh

13:50-14:30  Indra Dasgupta (ICAS)

gElectronic structure of novel oxides: Insights from first principles calculationsh

14:30-15:10 Atsushi Fujimori (U of Tokyo)

hPhotoemission and XMCD studies of DMS thin films and nano-particlesh


Tea break


15:40-16:20  Hitoshi Tabata (U of Tokyo)

   gPolarity and quantum structural control of ZnO based DMS films  and their optical-spin propertiesh

16:20-17:00  Priya Mahadevan (SNBNCBS)

gSpin state transitions and magnetism in epitaxial films of LaCoO3h

17:00-17:40  James Rondinelli (UCSB)

gFirst-principles study of magnetism in epitaxially strained LaCoO3 filmsh


October 1(Wed)

10:00-10:40  Takashi Mizokawa (U of Tokyo)

 gExcitonic instability and photo-induced phase transition in transition-metal compounds probed by photoemission spectroscopyh

10:40-11:20  Ryo Maezono (JAIST)

   gDiffusion Monte Carlo study on extended solid systemsh

11:20-12:00  Hiroshi Kumigashira (U of Tokyo)

   gInterfacial electronic structure of perovskite oxide heterojunctionsh


*Each talk includes 10 min discussion.