Coexistence of Enhanced Superconductivity and Antiferromagnetism: Possible Correlated Phase Transitions in Trilayer High-Tc Cuprates


Prof. Yan Chen

Physics Department, Fudan University, Shanghai, China and ISSP, The University of Tokyo


Based on a hybrid interlayer coupling mechanism, we study the coexistence and interplay of superconductivity (SC) and antiferromagnetism (AFM) in trilayer cuprates. By introducing an interlayer magnetic scattering term, we solve the multilayer t-J model with Josephson coupling under the framework of Gutzwiller projection. We show that both the SC and AFM orders in the multilayered system are enhanced and the range of AFM order is extended. The layer configuration of d-wave pairing gap and AFM order further plays an essential role in determining the interlayer magnetic and superconducting coupling phase diagram of such multilayered systems. Abrupt phase transitions between correlated states carrying distinct configurational symmetries are unveiled by tuning the doping level and/or the tunneling strengths.

* This work is in collaboration with Chun Chen, A. Fujimori and C. S. Ting