Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics Courses

Material Science (Tuesday: 2 credits),  ȊwiEHj / Ȋw_iV̈j

Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (Thursday: 1 credit),  G-COEHAgʍu`IVij / Hwʍu`IXiHj

Schedule (16:40-18:10)

April 10, 17 (Tue) Naoto NAGAOSA: Topological materials

April 24 (Tue) Yoshinori TOKURA:  Emergent magneto-electronic phenomena in solids

May 1, 8 (Tue) Shin-ichi UCHIDA: What are the roles and effects of doping in the cuprates and pnictides?

May 10, 17 (Thu) Masatoshi IMADA: Electron correlation and novel quantum phases

May 15, 22 (Tue) Seigo TARUCHA: Control of charge and spin degrees of freedom in nanostructures

May 24, 31 (Thu) Kazushi KANODA: Mott physics in molecular materials

May 29, June 5 (Tue) Masao OGATA: Superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems

June 7, 14 (Thu) Hidenori TAKAGI: Exotic phases of correlated electrons in transition metal oxide

June 12, 19 (Tue) Hideo AOKI: Physics of non-equilibrium phenomena - correlated and topological systems

June 21, 28 (Thu) Seiji MIYASHITA: Phase transitions in various systems

June 26, July 3 (Tue) Atsushi FUJIMORI: ARPES of correlated metals and superconductors

July 10, 17 (Tue) Yoshihiro IWASA: Field effect materials science


Lecture videos & Essay subjects



Tuesday: Participation and graded reports (essays) to two of the lecturers.

Thursday: Participation and a graded report (essay) to one of the lecturers.

Send the reports (either in English or Japanese) in PDF files to each lecturer via email before August 20 (extended).


 A. Fujimori, K. Kanoda



2011 Fall-Winter Semester, Columbia-Todai FCMP Courses