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Max-Planck Institutes

Andrea Cavalleri

Control of materials properties away from equilibrium through nonlinear phononics

Stefan Kaiser

Non-equilibrium dynamics revealing the coherent condensate in the excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5

Bernhard Keimer

High-resolution spectroscopy of spin excitations in cuprates and ruthenates

Dirk Manske

Higgs oscillations in non-equilibrium

Stuart Parkin

Spin orbitronics for advanced magnetic memories

Andreas Schnyder

Three-dimensional topological Dirac materials

Leslie Schoop

Solid State Chemistry as a design tool for new quantum materials

Hao Tjeng

Strained Fe3O4 thin films: a new opportunity to study the intricates of the Verwey transition?

University of British Columbia

Mona Berciu

Two versus single particle excitations in cuprates

Sarah Burke

Molecular scale energy landscapes of organic semiconductor interfaces

Marcel Franz

Quantum oscillation without magnetic field

Robert Green

Resonant x-ray reflectometry of buried interfaces

David Jones

New lab-based femtosecond sources reaching 40 eV for time-resolved ARPES studies

Pascal Nigge

Adatom-induced superconductivity in monolayer graphene

George Sawatzky

(Seminar on Dec.7) The electronic structure and properties of negative charge transfer gap and mixed valent oxides

Jeff Young

Materials and fabrication considerations for realizing a silicon-photonics-based quantum information processing platform

University of Tokyo

Atsushi Fujimori

Origins of magnetic anisotropy studied by angle-dependent XMCD

Shuji Hasegawa

Parity-broken atomic-layer superconductors

Zenji Hiroi

Symmetry-breaking transitions in the spin-orbit-coupled metal Cd2Re2O7

Masa Imada

Boosting and optimizing superconductivity -- Hidden Fermions, interlayer phase separation and nonequilibrium pairing in cuprates

Masashi Kawasaki

Topological properties in interface engineered quantum materials

Masaki Oshikawa

Signatures of Dirac cones in Kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet

Ryo Shimano

Ultrafast spectroscopy of Higgs modes in conventional and unconventional superconductors

Hide Takagi

Materialization of Kitaev spin liquid

Masashi Takigawa

Search for a spin nematic phase and bound magnon pairs in LiCuVO4